Najmiddinova Khilola Yokubjanovna

NamSU, doctor of Pedagogical Sciences (DSc), associate professor, Uzbekistan


This article examines the role of programming in the information society and what aspects of cognitive processes were focused on when preparing preschool children for programming. Preparing children for programming implies conducting in the form of the basics of programming, that is, algorithmization.In the study of algorithmization, there are two aspects: developmental and programming. The developmental aspect is associated with the need to develop algorithmic thinking of students in the form of the necessary quality of the personality of a modern person. It is more effective if the development of algorithmic thinking begins earlier. Since preschool children do not know how to write and read, the preparation of preschool children for programming involves the first developmental aspect, namely the process that forms and develops algorithmic thinking.

Keywords: programming, preschool children, algorithmic thinking, visual-imaginative thinking, substructures of visual-imaginative thinking.