*Dr. Dasam Sridevi, **Dr. G. Nageswara Rao, ***Dr. KVB Ravindra Babu,

**** Dr. G. Mohanacharyulu

*Asst. Prof. of English, VR Siddhartha Engineering College, Vijayawada, 


**AssistantProfessor of English, VFSTR Deemed to be University, Guntur.

***AssistantProfessor of English, VFSTR Deemed to be University, Guntur.

****Professor of English, VFSTR Deemed to be University, Guntur.


The EFL graduate students, who aspire to pursue higher studies abroad, have to take up English Proficiency Test, IELTS and they practice the four modules such as Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing which are parts of the test. But, it is observed that they find it difficult to write essays in the writing module. Hence, this current study aims at finding the EFL graduate students’ problems in writing essays and suggests solutions to overcome them. The students are assigned some essays to write which are assessed as per the evaluation criteria by the IELTS Trainer. The students have got different scores as they could not meet the required criteria. To find out their difficult areas in Writing, a questionnaire is given to them.  The responses, elicited from the survey have helped in finding their strengths and weaknesses to help trainers focus on the significant areas where the students are lagging. The data has helped to collect some important inputs and solutions required to strengthen students’ writing skills with regard to Writing Module. The usage of sample answers in gaining an idea, teaching grammar and vocabulary as a prerequisite to writing, teaching pre-fabricated patterns, raising candidates’ awareness of evaluation criteria, teaching discourse markers, and motivating students to develop their content knowledge will be helpful to the students in gaining good scores. The findings have clear implications for both students and look for effective techniques to overcome their writing issues and the trainers who strive hard to enhance student writing skills to get good scores in IELTS preparatory courses.

Key Words: Writing Problems, Suggestions, EFL Graduates, Evaluation Criteria, Discourse Markers, Grammar, IELTS Preparatory Course.