Monitoring The Grain Storage System Using IOT

Dr. Madhura K1*, Dr. K. Balakrishnan2, Ms. Ayushi Chaudhary3

Assistant Professor*1, Associate Professor2, Assistant Professor3

Presidency University*1, Sambhram Institute of Technology2, Sanskar College of Engineering and Technology3

madhura@presidencyuniversity.in1*, balakrishnank88.official@gmail.com2, ayushichaudhary11@gmail.com3


A growing country like India is rich in cultivation field and most of the Indian population rely on farming and dairy. The development and storage of grains in large quantity supports Indian economy. The process of grain storage includes collection of grain, controlling temperature, protecting from bugs, tracking wetness and controlling the level of carbon dioxide. The conventional strategies are obliged to just evaluating the temperature and clamminess specifications which are sensibly in converse as novel elements must be checked and found unreservedly for including to their compelling accumulating and backing. The proposed strategy involves the checking grain storage system in an intelligent manner consistently and is conscious through IoT devices and sensors. Furthermore, the Blynk cloud utility will perseveringly invigorate the structure by means of notification in constant time stamps. The exploratory outcomes of the experiment are displayed on the smart grain amassing board system. A proposed in this paper comprises of an assortment of angles like electronic disclosure, regular updation and simple structure support. This deals with the outstanding component of set aside grain and diminishes the grain wastage for the length of capacity range, work and guide thought.

Keywords: IOT, sensor, Arduino, Blynk, Hardware, Software.