Dr.Pramoud Kumar1 , Dr. D. Stalin David2, Jai Rajesh P3, Dr. Chinmaya Dash4, Dr. Prakash Chandra Behera5, Abhinav Singhal6

1Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering,Ganga Institute of technology and Management, Kablana Jhajjar Haryana-124104

2Associate Professor, Department of Information Technology,Vel Tech Multi Tech Dr.Rangarajan Dr.Sakunthala Engineering College,Avadi, Chennai-600062

3Assistant Professor, Department of Mechatronics,Bharat Institute of Higher Education and Research, Chennai-600073

4Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, St.Claret College, Bangalore

5Assistant Professor, Department of Sciences, St.Claret College, Bangalore

6Assistant professor, School of Sciences, Christ University, Delhi NCR, Ghaziabad -201003, Uttar Pradesh, India

pramod.gill1@gmail.com1, stalindavid@veltechmultitech.org2, jairajesh2008@gmail.com3,,, ism.abhinav@gmail.com6


Cloud security safeguards data against loss, fraud, and removal. In Cloud, several models and platforms secure important data and information. AI techniques have progressed substantially in recent decades, and their applications range from face identification to computer vision. AI-based technologies will increase cyber defence and assist opponents refine cyber attacks. Malicious persons are aware of the new opportunities and will likely abuse them. It combines AI with security experts’ skills in vulnerability management and defence. Cyber AI automates cyber defence detection, reaction, and investigation. Cyber AI changes our ability to secure data networks and digital surroundings. Cloud security uses AI to authenticate saved data from several businesses. Market professionals use AI to enhance digital data processing. AI and Cloud computing are great for transforming technology. AI’s tough challenges and machine learning thrive on enormous volumes of data, which is scalable on the cloud.

Keywords: Cloud Security, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Machine Learning