Ermatov Ikhtiyor Rizakulovich

Gulistan State University, Associate Professor of the Department of Uzbek Linguistics

Doctor of Philology (DSc), Email:

Abstract.¬†This article pays special attention to the linguistic terms and word formation problems given in Alisher Navoi’s work “Muhokamat ul-lughatayn”, in particular, to the lexicographical issues of Uzbek linguistic terms. The purpose of the research is to study the specific features of Uzbek linguistics terminology and word formation based on the analysis of the work “Muhokamat ul-lughatayn”. Alisher Navoi’s attitude to the system of word formation is also discussed; the work of the author of the work as a skilled linguist is evaluated.

The following tasks have been defined in the implementation of the purpose of the research: to analyze the literature in the light of the phenomena of the giving of terms and the creation of words in Alisher Navoi’s work “Muhokamat ul-lughatayn”, to express a critical attitude to the existing theories; elucidating the presentation of linguistic terms in the work and the phenomena of word formation; to shed light on the historical and current situation of word formation. The research used the following methods of scientific analysis: linguistic description, system, statistical, contextual analysis methods. The method of linguistic analysis was used in the analysis of scientific literature on the research topic. The method of system analysis was used to clarify the cases of the use of terms and their presentation in the work. Statistical analysis is widely used in the study of the occurrence of linguistic terms in explanatory dictionaries of the Uzbek language. The results of the research made it possible to develop the following scientific and practical conclusions and recommendations: Analyzing the phenomena of giving terms and creating words in Alisher Navoi’s work “Muhokamat ul-lughatayn”, it helps to organize terms and explain their meanings and to include them in the general dictionary. In particular, in Uzbek linguistics, the issues of scientific research of Alisher Navoi’s work “Muhokamat ul-lughatayn”, the specific characteristics of linguistic terms, and the phenomena of word formation have their relevance; Occupancy and reflection of linguistic terms in the explanatory dictionary of the Uzbek language, phenomena of diachronic and synchronic word formation were manifested in the following ways: the Uzbek language occupies an important place in the daily life of the people, the popularization and neutralization of linguistic terms with the development of the Uzbek language.

Key words: word, speech, language, letter, alphabet, word, usage, istilah, word, term, word formation, word formation, affix, grammatical affix, language, letter.