Gitanjali Singh

Assistant Professor, GLA University, Mathura


Anu Bhardwaj

Assistant Professor, JIIMS, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi


Today in Indian society, e-commerce is the pinnacle and has affected every aspect of daily life. The way we interact and conduct business has evolved over the last 20 years as a result of increased internet and mobile phone use. The internet and mobile phone revolution are currently extensively relied upon to profoundly transform the way businesses interact with their customers. Online Shopping has become the fastest-growing segment, in this context this paper deals with the consumer’s perception, consumer preferences and attitudes towards e-retailing with special reference to Agra region of Uttar Pradesh. The present study tries to analyze the various factors that can affect a consumer’s perception towards e- retailing. Apart from this, the study also attempts to find out the influencing factors on customers adopting e-retailing in Agra region. According to this study, the majority of young people who are educated and have a source of income prefer online shopping over traditional shopping because of the availability of new products, the ease of browsing, the latest technology, new payment options, offers and discounts. Online retailers are advised to focus more on providing customers with a more convenient purchasing experience by simplifying the payment process, increasing the availability of new products, and ensuring prompt delivery.

Keywords: E-Retailing, Consumer perception, Online Shopping, Latest Technology, Chi-Square, Agra.

Vol. 25 Issue 4 2022