TECHNOLOGICAL APPROACH IN TEACHING CLASSICAL WORKS (in the example of the work "Boburnoma") UDC: 371.3: 373:894.375

Makhsuda Urinbayevna, Saribayeva

Gulistan State University, Candidate of pedagogy Sciences, Associate Professor



The article talks about the essence of design technology, the ways to use this technology in literature classes, as well as the teaching of Babur’s work “Boburnoma” in higher education based on technological approaches, creating an innovative educational environment, adapting it to international standards . It is stated that ensuring compatibility is one of the most urgent problems of today.

The experience of the development of world education shows that the development of any society is closely related to the improvement of education. Reforms in the economic, political, spiritual, ideological and cultural spheres implemented in the republic in recent years require the implementation of serious changes in the education system.

When using modern methods in the educational process, the ability of students to match the goals and tasks of these methods, the teacher’s ability to influence groups of students is of particular importance in increasing the effectiveness of education, therefore this process effective organization based on modern approaches have enormous value.

The teaching process It has been scientifically researched that research should be carried out in the sequence of the “goal ÿ task ÿ result” system, and the methods and approaches that have been effective in the national methodology should be further improved based on the requirements of the time.

Key words: Spirituality, classic literature, “Boburnoma”, education and upbringing, project method, modern approach, method, cooperation, national methodology.