Mohammad Serajuddin1 , Zafarul Hasan2, Ali Akhtar3, Amjad Khan4

 1College of Dentistry, 2College of Nursing, 3College of Pharmacy, 4Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz College of Emergency Medical Services, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia


Innovative technologies have dominated human life and greatly improved it. Machine language is considered to be greatest creation of human history, this is something we are proud of because it has improved the accuracy and efficiency of our work. Several industries have expanded as a result of cutting-edge technology and provide top-notch service.


One of the technologies that is expanding in almost every industry in the world is machine learning. Today, numerous businesses all around the world are attempting to integrate machine learning into their systems. Machine learning is one of the technologies that has profound impact on Medical and health care sector. and has benefited from machine learning.


It has changed a crucial aspect of the healthcare sector. We can see into the future where healthcare providers will employ analytics and data to create better services, improve automated health care critical operations   in real-time basis, and deliver improved processes. According to reports, the technology will address rising medical needs, enable more sophisticated procedures, and reduce costs.

Keywords: Innovative Technologies, Algorithms, Machine learnings