Mr. Sonam Gytso

Ph.D. Scholar, Department of Physical Education, University of Ladakh.


The purpose of present study was to find the status of physiological parameters of blood pressure(BP), heart rate (HR) and Oxygen Saturations (SpO2)  levels of athletes participated Khardungla challenge an ultra marathon event in Ladakh in 2022. 100 male athletes from almost all the parts of the India and outside except the locals/non-ladakhi athletes, who were participated in Khardungla challenge an ultra marathon event held in UT Ladakh in September 2022. The Participants were in age range of year 1957-1995 males from outside U.T Ladakh. Physiological variables of heart rate (HR), blood pressure (BP) and  oxygen saturation (SpO2) were measured. SpO2 and heart rate (HR) were measured  by Finger Pulse Oximeter (Nellcor N-20P, Nellcor Puritan Benett Ltd, UK) on warm hands in seated position. During recording, the volunteers breathed room air. SaO2 values were recorded after they remained constant for at least one minute. Blood pressure was measured through   sphygmomanometer. Descriptive statistics were performed to analysis mean, median, mode and standard deviation. the Mean of  blood pressure is 134.27/ 87.35, Median: 130/90 and Mode: 120/80 of all participants, no such abnormalities in blood pressure were seen in participants before he staring of event. the heart rate of all samples  has Mean score of 85.47, Median: 84 and Mode: 80. The Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) level of Mean: 90.38%, Median: 92% and Mode: 92%. All shows that all the athletes were having a normal SpO2 at such level of  high altitude. This  Study found that there is no such negative aspects in any of these three physiological parameters were found.

Keywords: Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Oxygen Saturation, high altitude.