Naveen Nishant1, Bijay Kumar Das2

1, 2 Department of Architecture and Planning, National Institute of Technology, Patna, India


Abstract: Hindu temple architecture is known from the earliest time in the world as per Hindu philosophy. Various ancient Hindu texts like Epics, Puranas, Vedas, Mayamata, Brihat Samhita, etc. inculcates the subject called Vastu. The key source for the Hindu temple architecture is derived from the magical geometry i.e. Vastupurusha Mandala. The structure of the temple building acts as a single human body. It is a metaphysical philosophy which deals beyond the reality. The Vastu plays a vital role during construction of temples and building structures. The formation of any ancient Indian structures is possible due to some guidance in terms of units which can be evaluated and fixed easily by the help of traditional system of measurement. The importance of traditional measurement unit is framed rigidly in the paper for understanding the geometry of the structures with better perception.

            The main objectives of the research paper are (1) to study the architectural geometry from its origin and its measurement unit, (2) to explore the evolution of Vastushastra and its types, (3) to analyse the interlinkages between the Vastupurusha Mandala with temple building and temple with Purusha (human being). Hence this research paper is a unique in its own way for describing the architectural design pattern of Hindu temples in a systematic manner.

            At last but not least the proposed findings and conclusion of the research paper based on the Vastushastra is that the evolution of the concerned ancient building structures can be easily determined on the basis of traditional measurement system.  The magical diagram can be taken into account in various fields from architecture to planning level with sustainable approach. Through achieving the certain objectives help to depict the way of designing, constructing and planning any Hindu temple structures at present scenario in a confined manner.

Keywords: Hindu Temple Architecture, Vastupurusha Mandala, Geometry, Traditional, Measurement.