Parag Pandharinath Shelke, Dr.Milind Dhobley

Research Scholar, Dean

Faculty of MIT School of Fine Arts & Applied Arts,

MIT Art Design & Technology University,

Pune, Maharashtra, India


Animations are increasingly utilised for a variety of functional objectives on digital media, including as presenting meaning in motion, attracting attention, or entertaining. The purpose of this study is to look at the effective use of animation for brand advertising. This is a descriptive study. In the present study the researcher collected primary data on animation in advertisements by visiting the places of ad agencies and animation studios. The collection of secondary data is done from the books, journal and other electronic sources. About 100 respondents were approached for the purpose of primary data collection. The primary data gathered from the survey was consolidated and computed by using descriptive analysis which consisted of frequency counts and percentage distribution. Interview responses were analysed qualitatively. The study discovered that animation has a noteworthy function in advertising communication. The survey also discovered that animated commercials are widely dispersed across all media, with the exception of mobile platforms, and that traditional video ads contain a high amount of animation. The results have signified that the challenges in animation industry that impacts the production of animated videos and its viewership.

Keywords: Animation, digital media, Advertisement, Media, Technology