Artificial Intelligence Is Paving The Way For The Development Of Intelligent Transport System In India - An Empirical Study

Sai Nitisha Tadiboina

Master Software Engineer. Net, 5260 Western Avenue, Chevy Chase, MD 20815


Dr. P. M. Yohan

Professor and Principle, CSI Wesley Institute of Technology and Sciences


Dr. G. Priyanka Jeeva Karunya

Assistant Professor, JNTUH University College of Engineering Sultanpur


With the rapid urbanization, smart city concept is becoming popular day by day. One of the major elements of the smart city is its transportation system. To make the traffic management system better different technologies have been used in different developed countries. However, the scenario is different in many developing countries. They have to face several challenges when it is about to implement an Intelligent Transportation System. The aim of this is to shed light on those challenges faced by developing nations. The study will also explore how emerging technologies in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning can help the developing countries to overcome all of their challenges as well as current problems in the transportation sector to make their life better, safer and easier.  The Indian cities largely lacks of Intelligent Transport System in India and there are various problems such as inefficient public transport system, severe congestion, increasing incidence of road accidents, inadequate parking spaces and a rapidly increasing energy cost etc. Therefore, development of Intelligent Transportation System is essential for smart cities due to concerns regarding the environmental, economic, and social equity. Artificial Intelligence is a key technology to resolve these issues. Therefore, there is an urgent need to adopt Artificial Intelligence system for development of Intelligent Transport System to better understand and control its operations in smart cities. Hence, the main objective of this study is to present some basic concepts of Artificial Intelligence and its applications for development of Intelligent Transport System in smart cities in India.

Keywords: Artificial intelligence, smart city, intelligent transport system