1 Suraj S. Damre, 2 Dr. Suresh Halhalli, 3 Dr. Archana Bhise

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

1 Research Scholar, Shri JJTU, Rajasthan.

2 Associate Professor, M.S.Bidve Engineering College Latur, Maharashtra.

3 Research Scholar, Shri JJTU, Rajasthan.

SJJT University, Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan., India


Conservative gas supply affects emissions from traditional energy sources such as carbon dioxide (CO2). These gas emissions will endanger global warming and affect the environment and biodiversity. These traditional structures are limited; then a question arises about the energy crisis. Because the sun is the highest source of energy production in the universe. Furthermore solar energy does not damage free and unlimited parameters and can be used for more refined soils. Solar energy also helps improve grid security. Many companies currently look to the solar cell industry as an economic support. The solar power generation scheme needs this facility to help in the disposal of power generation and in a systematic way. The proposed method is a real-time technique that helps control and monitor solar power plants using the IoT. Solar energy production activities are not accessible and monitored with traditional PLC technology. This is why Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning approaches have been introduced to manage solar energy systems. The Internet of Things is a combination of physical technologies that use the cloud. The main requirement is a heterogeneous network of fabricated object communications required for each object and the processing power and security of each object / data processor for each of the IoT elements. Solar energy systems can be monitored and improved using this new method. The rotation of the solar panel can be controlled by slave according to the direction of the sun. thus increasing the efficiency of electricity production. This was achieved by creating photovoltaic systems that build analog circuits for specific resolutions and currents and by creating web servers that monitor the data used on a graphics device. The web server is on the WAN (Network Area) and you can access it anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Keywords: IoT, Solar Energy, Machine Learning, PLC, SCADA etc.