Colon Cancer Classification Using Convolutional Neural Network

V T Ram Pavan Kumar

Research Scholar, Department of CSE, Annamalai  University


M Arulselvi

Associate Professor, Department of CSE, Annamalai University,


K B S Sastry

Associate Professor, Department of Computers, Andhra Loyola College,


CNN represents a particular type of neural networks works extraordinally for image processing applications. CNN is mainly comprised with multi-layers interconnected neurons especially trained effectively for classification and feature extraction. CNN provides faster classification because feature extraction is done by itself. Colon cancer is one of the harmful diseases in worldwide and it is commonly found in older adults. The rapid and uncontrollable development of cells inside the colon within a short period causes serious impacts on patient’s body such that it leads to death. In order to encounter such problems, this work presents a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) for classifying the colon cancer and effectively detect whether the image data is Cancerous or Non-Cancerous.

Keywords: Colon       cancer, Convolutional Neural Network (CNN).