Vol. 26 Issue 2 2023
  1. Venkatesh1, G Sai Sree 2, G Deepthi Saranya 3, G Divya Mahathy4

1 Assistant Professor, Department of ECE, Malla Reddy Engineering College For Women, Hyderabad.

2,3&4 UG Scholar, Department of ECE, Malla Reddy Engineering College for Women, Hyderabad

ABSTRACT-Biometrics have gained popularity over the last decade and palmprint have rich and unique features which makes it a reliable biometric identification methodology. There are many different low resolution palmprint recognition algorithms have been developed. Deep learning plays a prominent role in biometrics. This paper focus on the process of design palmprint biometrics system, fromsummary of palmprint databases with their characterizations and preprocessing, feature extraction and training the dataset with RFCNN deep learning algorithm and also, we present some palmprint recognition techniques and some research works related to palmprint purposes.

Keywords: Palmprint, Feature extraction, RFCNN