Journal of Northeastern University is a peer-reviewed research journal that is devoted to the dissemination of new and original knowledge in all branches of Applied Mathematics (Q4); Computer Science Applications (Q4); Engineering (miscellaneous) (Q4). Manuscripts submitted may be experimentally based or may be entirely theoretical and should contribute to any phase of analytical measurements and concepts including Computer Science Applications. Manuscripts dealing with conventional analytical methods should offer a significant, original application of the method, a noteworthy improvement or results on an important analyte.

This Journal is published by the Journal of Northeastern University  as the sole scientific publication of the Society since 1998.

Journal of Northeastern University provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making published articles freely access and downloadable to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge. Researchers from any countries are invited to publish their research articles in this journal.

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Journal of Northeastern University

ISSN 1005-3026

    Instructions for Authors     Authors are encouraged to submit high quality, original work that has not appeared in nor is under consideration by, other journals. Papers may be written in chinese or English. The Journal is published on-line only. Please read these instructions very carefully and refer to articles published in past issues for guidance on how the manuscript must be prepared. Please note that the measurements for indentations etc. may vary slightly depending on the spacing used in the word processing program.   1.     The maximum paper length is 15 pages. 2.     The text on first page should occupy a box 16.0 cm width and 22. 0 cm length. Begin Title at least 3.5 cm from top of page. 3.     The text on other pages should be 16.0 cm x 23.5 cm. Begin text at least 2.0 cm from the top of page. The preferred typeface is Times New Roman.   Manuscript should be submitted to Editor-in-Chief by e-mail to <a href="   Some Specific Points   1.     Title of Paper All upper cases, 14 point text 16.0 cm in width, centered on page. There must be a translation of the title in English for chinese paper and in chinese for  English paper. Use 12 point text for translation, and capitalize each word. Leave one blank line (12 point) between original title and translated title. Leave one blank line (10 point) between title and authors. 2.     Authors Use 10 point font. Use initials followed by family name, otherwise use full name. Use comma between authors and use superscript 1, 2, 3 etc. to indicate affiliation. Center  author names. Leave one blank line (9 point) between authors and addresses. 3.     Addresses Use 9 point font, italic, full page width, centered. Indicate authors’ affiliation with superscript 1, 2, 3 etc. and start each address on new line. Leave one blank line between  addresses and corresponding author. 4.     Corresponding author Use 9 point font and italic. Indicate clearly email address of the author who will handle the correspondance.  Leave one blank line. 5.     Original Abstract Maximum 200 words in English or chinese. Use 9 point font with text left and right justified. Leave one blank line after original abstract. 6.     Keywords Use English or chinese, maximum 6. Use 9 point font and left justified. Leave one blank line after keywords. 7.     Translated Abstract Maximum 200 words in English or chinese. Use 9 point font with text left and right justified. Leave one blank line after translated abstract. 8.     Translated Keywords Maximum 200 words in English or chinese. Use 9 point font with text left and right justified. Leave two blank lines (10 point) after translated abstract. 9.     Headings Organise paper into Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgement and References. All first order headings use 10 point   font, bold and centered. Second order headings should be bold and italic, 10 point font and unindented. 10   Text of Paper Should be in 10 point font size. Unindented. The text should be left and right justified. Metric units should be used in their accepted abbreviated form. Chemical symbols  should be specified and spelled out for the first time, thereafter the symbol used. 11   References Cited Used sequential numerals in square brackets [2] for indicating references. References should be listed in numerical order in the References section and should be in 10  point  font text with the format, authors, years, title of paper, abbreviated journal title, volume, issue number, and pages. 12   Tables Must be included in body of the text. Table text and caption should be in 10 point font centered over full page width. Table number and heading should be centered above  the table. 13   Illustrations Figures must be located in the body text and centered. The figure number and caption in 10 point font should be centered below the figure using the full page width. Only  good contrast, original line drawings are accepted. Poor quality illustrations will be returned. 14   Acknowledgement This should be included whenever appropriate as a separate section before Reference section. Use 10 point text.