Naveen Nishant 1, Bijay Kumar Das2

1, 2 National Institute of Technology, Patna, India,,

Abstract: Every religion has its own identity which is scripted in various religious texts in the form of sacred diagrams, motifs, etc. The power of these holy apices depends on the worshiper’s beliefs and their satisfaction. Every natural geometry signifies its shape, size, character, and principles. Every aspect of an element present in the Universe can be analyzed through their governing attributes like – point, line, distance, angle, etc. The religious geometry of Hindu diagrams called Sri Yantra and Mandala, both are being an enigma in the whole Universe. It is a metaphysical philosophy which deals beyond the reality. Here, the paper proposes four strategies that can endeavors to reveal the mystic curtain of these religious diagrams over the world. First, study the geometrical configuration of the Sri Yantra and Mandala. Second, establishment of the fractal linkages between these sacred geometries. Third, construction of Sri Yantra and three suitable groups of Mandala. Lastly, interaction of the Mandala and Sri Yantra with the internal spaces in the sanctum sanctorum of Rajarani temple. Therefore, it is tried to make the study approach unique on its own to provide a basic platform and create some space for religiously oriented researchers.

Keywords: Sri Yantra, Mandala, Temple, Geometry, Configuration, Mystic.