Dipti Sarang Bhosale, Dr. Milind Dhobley

Research Scholar, Dean

Faculty of MIT School of Fine Arts & Applied Arts,

MIT Art Design & Technology University,

Pune, Maharashtra, India


A fictional non-human character that personifies a brand’s beliefs and traits is known as its mascot. Mascots are capable of doing more than just giving business a moniker. Additionally, they help you establish a connection with your target market. Mascots come with a lot of benefits. The purpose of utilising a brand mascot in advertising is to spread favourable perceptions of the brand among consumers. The substantial association between brands and brand mascot has been examined in the current study. This study has adopted descriptive research design. The present study was performed on 100 study subjects selected using a combination of random and practical sampling. A questionnaire was used to gather the primary data. In the study, both primary and secondary data were employed. The study discovered a significant connection between brand and brand mascots. The findings show that brand mascots have a big impact on customers’ purchase decisions. The mascot is crucial in helping to promote the product, but brand ambassadors have more of an impact on consumers today. According to the study, mascots are an effective form of communication, and customers are drawn to company mascots because of their expression, appearance, simplicity, and colour. The findings show that the majority of research participants (81%) believe that mascots aid in building a brand. The study came to the conclusion that there is a strong link between a brand and its mascot.

Keywords: Mascots, brand, marketing, advertisement