Krishna Prasad1, Dr. Manoj Eknath Patil2

Research Scholar1, Research Guide2

1,2Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam University, Indore(M.P)

k.p23020@gmail.com1, mepatil@gmail.com2

Abstract: Big data applications are becoming more popular because cloud computing and computing that is better for the environment are becoming more common. Because of this, Internet service providers that use the cloud computing model will have to build data centres to store and process their customers’ information. Despite this, data centres often use a huge amount of energy and cause a lot of pollution. In the past few years, two important issues have come up: the fact that data centres use too many resources and that they contribute to pollution. The work that is being proposed is meant to look into possible new ways to save energy while also reviewing existing ways to do so in high-performance computing, energy-saving technologies for computer rooms, and applications of renewable energy in building and running data centres. A full set of strategies will be put forward to improve the efficiency of data centres while also reducing the damage they do to the ecosystem around them. This will be done with the goal of reducing energy use and the costs that come with it, as well as protecting nature. As a follow-up, we would like to suggest that the PM be put to sleep when it is not being used. We are trying to put into practise the algorithm that will lower the amount of energy cloud datacenters use while keeping the right level of Quality of Service (QoS). 

Keywords: Physical Machine, Energy Consumption, Data Centers.