Shivangi Awasthi

Business Management and Entrepreneurship, Dr. R M L A University, Ayodhya, UP, India


Ashok Shukla

Business Management and Entrepreneurship, Dr. R M L A University, Ayodhya, UP, India


Today, the variety of literate and knowledgeable females is increasing, and in parallel, the variety of ladies’ personnel is developing too. Despite this rise, females are dealing with some of the professional limitations of their commercial enterprise life. Women do now no longer have identical proportions in commercial enterprise environments as compared to guys in phrases of dealing with quite a few issues in professional steps, now no longer have the proper to speak, now no longer concerned with vital decision-making techniques, and are excluded from managerial positions because of males presence. This study consists of three sections. In the primary section, tradition and organizational tradition phrases have been researched. In the second section, professional limitations and the connection between professional limitations and organizational tradition have been studied. Moreover, this section changed the glass ceiling syndrome into tested phrases of conceptual meaning. In the closing section, that is the utility a part of this study, in mild of the findings primarily based totally on literature review, a questionnaire changed performed with hundred females operating in India and it preserves to discover additional approximately their professional limitations and organizational tradition. Collected facts changed into analysis via the SPSS software program. According to evaluation results, questions concerning female employees’ organizational traditions and professional limitations have been evaluated.

Keywords: Career barriers, Organizational Culture, Glass Ceiling Syndrome.