Sujeet A. Soundattikar1, Vinayak R. Naik2 and Chandrashekar V. Adake3

1Research Scholar, VTU, Belagavi and Assistant Professor, DKTE’s, TEI, Ichalkaranji

2Professor and Head of Mechanical Department, DKTE’s, TEI, Ichalkaranji

3Associate Professor and Head of Mechanical Department, KLE Dr. MSSCET, Belgavi


Digital transformation in manufacturing and related industrial sectors forms the crux of Industry 4.0 that encompasses automation and data exchange in manufacturing expertise. It thus facilitates the availability of right information to concerned staff in real time with minimal or no delay leading to improved decision making, system efficiency and yield. Cyber Physical System (CPS) in Industry 4.0 assists in creating smart factories with autonomous systems for carrying out various manufacturing activities, material handling, being one of them. CPS in the form of an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) was developed for handling multiple components particularly in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to offer flexible and smart customized material manoeuvre solution. The paper talks about a working prototype and involved sub-systems of an AGV built for moving diverse components across workstations in pre-defined sequence.  It further presents the results of comparison of manual and automated handling times adopting line follower and computer vision navigation methods signifying one of the benefits of CPS in terms of time saving.

Keywords: Automated Guided Vehicle, Computer Vision, Cyber Physical System, Line Follower, Material Handling, Small and Medium Enterprises