Vol. 26 Issue 1 2023

Sahithya, E Divya Sree, E Miriyam, E. VARSHITHA

1Assistant Professor, Department Of Ece, Malla Reddy Engineering College For Women, Hyderabad.

2,3&4UG Scholar, Department OF ECE, Malla Reddy Engineering College For Women, Hyderabad

ABSTRACT: Man has needed and used energy at an increasing rate for the sustenance and well-being since time immemorial. Due to this a lot of energy resources have been exhausted and wasted. Proposal for the utilization of waste energy of foot power with human locomotion is very much relevant and important for highly populated countries like India where the railway station, temples etc., are overcrowded all round the clock. When the flooring is engineered with piezo electric technology, the electrical energy produced by the pressure is captured by floor sensors and converted to an electrical charge by piezo transducers, then stored and used as a power source. And this power source has many applications as in agriculture, home application and street lighting and as energy source for sensors in remote locations. This paper is all about generating electricity when people walk on the Floor. Think about the forces you exert which is wasted when a person walks. The idea is to convert the weight energy to electrical energy The Power generating floor intends to trans- late the kinetic energy to the electrical power. Energy Crisis is the main issue of world these days. The motto of this research work is to face this crisis somehow. Though it won’t meet the requirement of electricity but as a matter of fact if we are able to design a power generating floor that can produce 100W on just 12 steps, then for 120 steps we can produce 1000 Watt and if we install such type of 100 floors with this system then it can produce 1MegaWatt. Which itself is an achievement to make it significant. Keywords: Piezoelectric sensor, Footstep, remote location, force and pressure, power generation