Dr. Pankaj Kawadkar1, Sunny Mohite2

1Asso. Prof., Sri. Satya Sai University of Technology and Medical Science, Sehore MP.

2Research Scholar, Sri. Satya Sai University of Technology and Medical Science, Sehore MP,


A computing paradigm known as “cloud computing” offers end users on-demand, scalable, and measurable services. Nearly every firm in the modern day has huge reliance on this computing technology for cost-savings, infrastructure, development platforms, and data processing analytics of data, etc. The services that the cloud service offers end users can use providers (CSP) whenever they choose. using a web application and the internet, from anywhere. The cloud infrastructure’s security must be top priority. Furthermore numerous technologically based research projects are used to give a better and more precise defence system to prevent cloud attacks. A type of machine learning technology that has demonstrated to yield better outcomes in in recent times, protecting the cloud environment. To develop models that can automate the process of identifying cloud threats with higher accuracy than any other technology, machine learning algorithms are trained on a variety of real-world datasets. This article examines some of the most recent studies that have used machine learning as a defence against cloud threats.

Keywords – Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Intrusion Detection System, Datasets, Supervised Machine Learning,  Unsupervised Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning,  Deep Neural Network.